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3 Common Myths When Buying Your Kids First Guitar
Looking for your child's first guitar and are unsure about what to buy? The sales rep says one thing, your friend who plays the guitar says another. Who's right? Find out what a professional guitar instructor who's taught many young kids how to play and succeed on the guitar has to say.

Guest Articles

4 Things that Separate Amateur Guitar Players from Pro Guitarists
Eric Bourassa, a highly sought out guitar teacher in Fort Worth TX. Uncovers 4 guitar playing elements that will help you separate yourself from the average guitarist. If you're gonna play you might as well sound like a pro! Click the link above to discover how.

Dispelling A Myth: If you can play classical, you can play anything - Part 2
Have you ever heard of this phrase, "If you can play classical guitar you can play anything"? Chris Glyde of Rochester New York explains why this commonly spoken sentence is not only damaging but entirely off base.  Click the link above to find out more.