Kids Guitar Lessons Salt Lake City

Building Confidence And Creativity Through Music

  • Is this your 1st experience with guitar and you're unsure about what to look for in a quality guitar instructor for your child?
  • Do you feel like your child's current guitar teacher is disorganized and your child is progressing too slow? 
  • Are you looking for a quality guitar instructor that will make learning fun in a safe environment?

If you answered “Yes” to any of the questions above you’ve come to the right place!


When you enroll your child into kids guitar lessons at SLC Guitar we'll have so much fun learning and getting better at playing the guitar it will become the highlight of their week!


Besides just learning songs, at SLC Guitar your child will get a rock solid musical education so they can be creative and gain confidence with their musical abilities.

Which Method Would You Prefer?

Having had 11 guitar teachers myself and now teaching the guitar for years I have worked with 100s and 100s of guitar players. Many of which had prior teachers and in a nutshell there are 2 methods average guitar teachers use:

Method 1:

The teacher works the student through a very structured method book. This method is similar to how the piano is taught and on the outside it seems great but the truth is it's extremely boring. Not only  that but it will take years for the student to finally be competent with their instrument and feel good about their playing. Once they get there (if they don't quit before then) it will be great but most kids want to have fun like now.  

Method 2:

Some guitar teachers realizing that the method above isn't the best do the opposite... They have no structure for learning and instead just  teach the student songs. This of course is great as songs are fun but it gives the false perception of progress. If this is the extend of the "instruction" what will inevitably happen is years down the road the student will come to the terrible realization that they are STILL beginners. They never learned anything but how to move their fingers around. This is so frustrating, disheartening,  and obviously not fun at all to then after years start over and learn everything that was skipped.

At SLC Guitar We Do Things Different

When you enroll your child into one of our programs for kids guitar lessons you will be amazed at how quickly they progress. And because they will be getting so good they will be having fun! Many of our parents tell us how much they enjoy that their son/daughter can play cool fun things, is having tons of fun during the learning process, has the confidence to play for friends/family when they visit,  and even understands how to create their own compositions. You may even wonder if they are a natural.  Whether they are or not it doesn't matter. We'll turn your kid into one!

My name is Bryan and I think about SLC Guitar that it is awesome. On the first day I was nerves. I learned lots of guitar stuff like chord, music, scale, exercises, rhythm and other stuff.

Bryan V.

What Can You Expect When You Enroll Your Child In
Kids Guitar Lessons At
SLC Guitar?

Childrens Guitar Lessons
  • A trained professional guitar teacher who's 100% dedicated to helping them reach their full musical potential.
  • Professional quality lessons, lesson materials and atmosphere to ensure your child's success. 
  • Tons of additional resources, to help them practice correctly at home and get the most out of their lessons.
  • Detailed homework each week so you and your child always know what to practice and how to practice it.
  • Parent Teacher Conference held throughout the year so you know where they're at and what they need.
  • With our unique teaching system your child will have tons of fun learning how to play the guitar, which means they will stick with it and enjoy it for the years to come.
  • RESULTS! When you enroll your child at SLC Guitar they will be light years ahead of the other kids in their music classes.

Other Awesome Benefits From Taking Guitar Lessons
At Salt Lake City Guitar

Besides being really fun, learning how to play the guitar will be a super intense full brain workout that will provide many other benefits such as:


  •    Enhanced ability to learn, focus, memorize, problem solve, pay attention to detail, be creative and use imagination.

Many studies have shown that children who learn a musical instrument develop a higher IQ, do better in school and achieve more in life than those that don’t.


Kids Guitar Lessons Salt Lake City

Enhanced coordination with basic and fine motor skills such as:

  •   Developing internal metronome (ability to feel the beat)
  •   Coordination, with hands, brain, ears and eyes.


  •   A healthy emotional outlet
  •   A sense of achievement from their hard work, dedication and perseverance
  •   Greater self-confidence and self-esteem


  •   Makes them even more unique and interesting
  •   Builds confidence in social settings
  •   Provides a great way to make new friends and work as a team
  •   Cool skill to entertain others and make them happy

Life Skills

Learning music is also a fun and effective way to either learn or further exercise:

  •   Positive mental attitude
  •   Personal responsibility and accountability
  •   Hard work and discipline
  •   Commitment, persistence, patience and sacrifice
  •   Time management

Convenient    Safe    Professional

I understand that as a parent you already have a super busy schedule and are making countless sacrifices every day to educate and raise your child the best way that you can.

Here's some of the advantages you will get when you enroll your kids in guitar lessons at SLC Guitar:

  • Salt Lake City Guitar is centrally located in Murray just minutes from free way access.
  • Located in the IVY Place Shopping Village; you can get your nails done, get a massage, use the Wi-Fi to work in the waiting area, or go across the street and grocery shop at Wal-Mart while your child is taking his/her guitar lesson. Super convenient and time-saving!
  • Because I understand that everyone’s learning abilities, musical goals and lifestyles aren’t the same,
    I will work with you to find a lesson format that best fits your child's needs and your schedule.
Kids Guitar Lessons Utah

This sounds awesome!

How do we get started?

To take the next step, click the orange button below and on the following page tell me a little bit about your child, such as their musical interests or goals (if they have any) and I will be in touch with you soon to set up your free consultation.