Transforming Average Guitar Players Into GREAT Guitar Players

  • Are you a parent who's looking for kid guitar lessons that's fun while still providing a real musical education?
  • Are you new to the guitar but don't know where to start? 
  • Have you been playing guitar for a while but haven't made the progress you want?

You've Come To RIGHT Place!

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10 yr old shreds 700+ notes per minute

Check out one of our highly motivated and hardworking students play one of her favorite songs (Through the fire and flames by Dragonforce) and improvise in the key of Am. She started taking guitar lessons at SLC Guitar in 2017. 

I began to see improvement almost immediately. 

Before I came I couldn't play a simple chord and now I can shred and do my own stuff...  We learn our favorite songs, improvise and it's a lot of fun. 

Brooke P.  

  4 Benefits From Taking Guitar Lessons At SLC Guitar 

1. You Get RESULTS

While most guitar teachers are extremely unorganized, wing it each week and have little to no structure or game plan for your success, when you take guitar lessons at Salt Lake City Guitar you will have a guitar teacher who is extremely organized provides lessons in a structured way and creates a game plan centered around your interests, skill level and your goals. This means YOU WILL get the results you are after.

2. You Save TIME & MONEY

Because you will get the results you're looking for much faster, you will avoid wasting your time and money on ineffective methods. Life is simply too short to waste it doing things that won’t help you reach your goal in the fastest most effective way possible.

Students often tell us they have learned more about the guitar in just a few months than YEARS with their prior guitar teacher / guitar school.

3. You Get A Lot Of Support & Guidance

Whether it’s instant professional feedback, extra resources to help you practice correctly at home, detailed homework, learning with and from fellow guitar players, or the benefits of out of lesson support, when you take guitar lessons at SLC Guitar you will succeed!

4. You Have Tons Of Motivation!

Learning how to play the guitar should be fun and rewarding not difficult, boring and frustrating. When you take guitar lessons at SLC Guitar you will have your own personal guitar coach in your corner that will make sure you are always on the right path. You will be so motivated to practice because you will know you're on the right track, you will be seeing results, you will be getting better, and you will be achieving what you set out to achieve.

I have never played guitar faster in my life

I saw an improvement while taking lessons with Preston with the first week. He gave me one little piece of advice and I practiced it all week and I have never played guitar faster in my life. That was when I thought to myself, 'Preston really knows what he is talking about!' And I was hooked after that. 

Tyler G (Shadowseer)  

Wait, Aren't All Guitar Lessons The Same?
What Makes Guitar Lessons At SLC Guitar Different?

Over the years, I've had a total of 11 guitar instructors... I found that most guitar teachers have only been trained on how to play the instrument NOT teach it (some not even that but just learned songs off the internet and think they can now teach). Some had music degrees, some had played in bands, some could shred but the truth is being a great guitar teacher requires a different set of skills than being a great guitar player and if you are looking for guitar lessons would you rather take lessons with  have someone who can play great or help YOU play great?

Here's what I do different so that I can get you BIG results!

Most Teachers

SLC Guitar

Has ACTUAL TRAINING on how to teach the guitar

Teaches you the tools so you can learn your favorite song on your own

Teaches chords, strum patterns, scales, licks, techniques etc.

Teaches how to create your own strum patterns and your own licks (that actually sound good)

Teaches and trains how chords flow and how chords and scales work together

Is a Full Time professional guitar instructor 100% dedicated to your success

Teaches you your favorite songs

Highly organized, structured, and customized teaching structure

Proven teaching method for beginners through advanced levels

Understands and teaches how to practice effectively for your skill level and your goals

Provides training on how to USE music theory and scales so you can actually make some music

Builds, trains, and integrates your skills together so you never hit a plateau

Teaches material in the correct order to insure effective learning

Offers multiple lesson formats to provide you with the right training and teaching for your needs

Has an effective system for measuring your progress

Has a game plan for your success

Provides training on how to be creative

Provides expert feedback to find the root of what is holding you back and what to do about it

Offers tons of FREE out of lesson support to maximize your progress and musical investment

Randy came to SLC Guitar in 2016 looking to improve as he had been taking lessons elsewhere for 6 yrs but could only move his fingers around and play parts of songs. Didn't know anything about music, improvisation, soloing etc. Here he demonstrates his solo writing by rewriting the guitar solo for "Photograph" by Def Leppard. KILLED IT!!

"I looked at a few different teachers and what I really liked was with Preston you’re also learning the theory behind the song as opposed to just learning how to play the songs."

Gary A.

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