5 Key Reasons Why You Need To Find A New Guitar Teacher

5 Reasons Why You Need A New Guitar Teacher

It is crucial that you work with the very best guitar teacher to make the fastest progress and become an excellent guitarist. In many ways, taking lessons with the wrong teacher not only slows down your progress, but can instill poor playing habits in you that hold back your playing for many years to come. This makes it important that you know how to spot the biggest mistakes made by ineffective teachers. When you can do this, you avoid wasting your time/money and work only with teachers that give you results. Here are the main reasons why you should leave your current teacher and find a new one (note: these points also apply to any potential teacher you are considering):

They Have No Real Guitar Teaching Credentials

A lot of students don’t realize this, but the majority of guitar teachers have no real credentials for helping you learn guitar! A lot of them are teaching you based on a trial-and-error approach. This means you might get some results one day and no results the next. This is crazy! Imagine how you would feel if you went to the doctor with a broken leg and they didn’t actually have credentials to help you… you’d be outraged. The same thing applies for guitar teachers.

 Some guitar teachers have music degrees from university. However, don’t be fooled into thinking this indicates they can get results for you. Reality is, going to college for music only helps you learn about music... it does NOT help you learn how to teach music. Look for guitar teachers who have real credentials for being effective at teaching guitar. The very best teachers get guitar teacher training to ensure they will get great results for you from day 1 on (not just here and there).

They Don’t Show You How To Practice

When you don’t know how to practice what you're being shown on guitar, you struggle to make progress. Yet, many teachers never show their students how to actually practice what they teach. They just teach you new things and expect you to work on them on your own at home. Great guitar teachers show you how to practice what they teach during your lesson together to make sure you know how to do it correctly. This is why their students become better players than the students of other teachers (in less time too).

They Don’t Teach You Based On Your Specific Guitar Playing Goals

You get better at guitar much faster when you have a specific strategy in place helping you reach your goals. The best teachers create a custom lesson plan for you to use as soon as you start lessons with them. Mediocre teachers often don’t even ask about your goals, teaching you a bunch of stuffwithout any rhyme or reason.

They Treat You Like A Customer Rather Than A Person

When you take guitar lessons, it is important that you work with a teacher who genuinely cares about seeing you get better. These kinds of guitar teachers are passionate about what they do and work hard to get you the results you deserve. Avoid taking lessons with teachers who don’t show you they care about your improvement, and seem to think of teaching as just a “job” they are doing to get by. These types are more likely to see you as just another sale versus someone who they really want to help enrich their musical life.

They Don’t Offer Group Class Formats

It’s not true that private guitar classes are the best and only way to learn guitar. Great guitar teachers know this and offer group classes to help you improve in ways that simply aren’t possible through one on one lessons. 

 Study the points in this article and use them to evaluate any guitar teacher. Find a guitar teacher who makes none of the mistakes from above, and begin lessons with them as soon as possible.