Beginner Guitar Lessons SLC

5 Reasons Why Beginner Guitar Lessons Salt Lake City
Is EXACTLY What You're Looking For

1. You're brand new to the guitar and have no idea where to start and want to get started THE RIGHT WAY

2. You want to skip all the frustration and just hop on the freeway going straight to guitar greatness at 80mph?

3. You've tried learning with a book or on YouTube and feel lost, overwhelmed and confused

4. It's taking FOREVER to learn your basic chords

5. You have tried taking guitar lessons in the past and have found the teacher was unorganized, unreliable, or boring. 

Learning the guitar in the beginning doesn't have to be hard, or frustrating, or take forever to do all the cool stuff

Learning how to play the guitar is fun and excited but it can also be really frustrating too. I know because I've been there... When I began playing the guitar I immediately fell in love with it and wanted to be great at it.  I wanted to have play my favorite songs, jam with my friends and maybe impress some girls. But I've got to tell you,  it was really hard for me. I was totally clueless. I grew up in a family that did sports NOT music. So as you can imagine being the only aspiring musicians in my family there wasn't a lot of help I could get at home. My guitar friends were of little help to as they taught me most my bad habits and even  told me to quit because I was so bad! So I'd practice even more (out of spite), buy books, look up stuff online, take guitar lessons, and none of it seemed to work. My "professional" teachers would either teach me super lame songs like "Kumbaya" or the "pumpkin strum" out of a method book or would scribble random things down each week. I was so confused with the disconnect of how i was learning and the music and skill of my favorite guitar players.  In the end I wasted YEARS trying to get anywhere.

Finally, after many teachers (and years), I found a truly great guitar teacher who helped me realize its all actually pretty easy. You just have to do the right stuff in the right way. I discovered for myself that the quickest and most enjoyable way to learn how to play the guitar is learning with an actual expert who understands the process and how to break it down so an ordinary person can understand and succeed.

I recommend anyone to take guitar lessons from SLC Guitar 

Before I took guitar lessons I didn't really know what I wanted to learn. Now I feel like I can actually read music, do a little bit of improv, I know some theory, and the best part is listening to those songs on the radio you always wanted to play and now you can say, "I think I can play that!" then go home and feel confident trying to learn them.  

Victoria K  //  Guitar Student

The biggest advantage is the organized approach

As opposed to just asking me what I want to do then randomly choosing a few songs... I've seen my husband take a couple of guitar lessons with other instructors and it seemed way less organized and not as effective and my experience so far has been really great. I would definitely recommend lessons with Preston.

Julie W  //  Guitar Student

Here's what you get

  • Expert feedback so you can be sure you are learning the right way and the right materials for what you need NOW.  
  • An organized method full of structure & strategy so that you are not trying to make sense of a chaos type approach
  • MASSIVE online support system to help you practice CORRECTLY when you are not even at your lessons
  • Fun, safe, and professional learning atmosphere. (not some strangers living room or basement ) 
  • Customized approach suited for your goals, interests & learning speed
  • Dynamic approach to learning so that we can build up your skills and knowledge in many areas at once and not pigeon hole your learning by leaving out critical elements to your musicianship. 
  • Guarantee. There is no doubt in my mind that you can not only learn to play the guitar but you can be a great player with my guidance and expertise. 

This sounds great but...

  • I don't have all day to practice... Great! You're normal 🙂 If you can commit to setting aside 20-30 minutes a day and follow instructions on how to practice you will be surprised at how fast you learn to play the guitar.  
  • I'm older and I've always heard you have to learn when you're young... Sometimes I hear this but as a professional who's helped many adults in their 50s and 60s learn to play the guitar this is not correct. Anyone can do it if they have the desire and put in the work. EVEN YOU! 
  • I have ZERO natural talent and I don't want to look dumb or waste my time if I can't do it. I didn't have any natural talent either when I began either. In fact, one of my child hood friends told me to quit because I so bad...

    The real question is: Do you REALLY want to learn how to play the guitar? Are you willing to do your part and practice and make it a part of your daily schedule? Are you teachable and willing to follow instructions? If yes, then I am 100% confident I can help you learn the guitar - and you'll be awesome at it!

 "The improvement that I made in just the first month was light years ahead of anything I had previously learned and leaps and bounds ahead of anything I expected." 

"Preston makes learning easy and fun in a no judgement environment. He puts things in a specific order and teaches them in a way that makes sense so that the optics connect to each other. You understand why you are learning specific skills and how to use those skills later on. You're held accountable to do your part, he teaches everything including how to practice, so that you progress succeed and get the most from the work you put in. If you of you are thinking about picking up the guitar or you are tired of spinning your willings learning on your own call SLC Guitar. If you're serious about it and ready to do your part you won't find a better way to learn the guitar or better teacher to help you meet your goals."
Nathan M. // Guitar Student

Just imagine how fun it's going to be, strumming around the campfire, sitting on the back porch and jamming out, playing your favorite songs, jamming with your friends, writing your own cool music that you could be proud of, playing for your kids and/or serenading your sweetheart…

I noticed an improvement right from the start. Preston really took the time to understand where I was at and what my goals were and he helped me to plot out a road map of how to go through and achieve those goals. From the first lesson he gave me an assignment and 2 weeks later he recorded me and I could play it without the sheet music, so right from the start I could see the improvements. I can now play 7 songs and 13 chords!


What Will I Learn If I Take
Beginner Guitar Lessons At Salt Lake City Guitar?

Without first meeting you and assessing your goals I can’t say EXACTLY what we will focus on but here’s a few things that we could work on to establish a solid foundation in your musicianship:

Beginner Guitar Lessons SLC
  • Introduction to guitar
  • Basic rhythmic skills
  • Hand/brain coordination
  • Basic chords
  • Basic arpeggios
  • Basic music and chart reading
  • Basic music theory
  • Intro to fretboard mastery
  • Basic lead and rhythm guitar techniques
  • How to practice the guitar
  • Applying your new skills to your favorite songs
  • Intro to being being creative with music
  • Set the ground work for total guitar DOMINATION!


Learning how to play the guitar really isn’t that hard... You just need to know what to do, and how to do it. One of the biggest advantages you will get from taking beginner guitar lessons at SLC Guitar is that we take all the guess work out of it  and lay it out in an easy step-by-step way so all you have to do is do your part and practice.

Getting Started Is Easy

Click the orange button below and on the following page, tell me about yourself. Tell me what you want to accomplish with your guitar playing and any musical experience you might have. I will then be in touch shortly to arrange your free evaluation session.