?Choosing A Guitar - Different Types OF Acoustic Guitars

  • ?By Paul Kleff

When deciding on the type of guitar to purchase the first question you have to ask yourself is:  What type of music do I want to play?

 There are two main types of guitars—electric and acoustic.  There are many differences, but there are also many similarities between electric and acoustic guitars.  The main similarity is that both electric and acoustic guitars are tuned the same. So anything that you learn on an acoustic guitar, you can also play on an electric guitar, and vice versa.

?Different types Of Acoustic Guitars

There are several different types of acoustic guitars but we’re going to take a look at the two most widely used types.  The first type of acoustic guitar is a steel string guitar.  Steel string guitars are sometimes referred to as folk guitars.  Steel string guitars are popular in rock, country, blues, folk and other styles.

The main mistake that most people make when selecting an acoustic guitar for the first time is that they purchase a guitar that is cheap. If you buy a cheap guitar it will cause you more trouble than it’s worth. It will be difficult to play, and most of the time will be difficult to keep it in tune.

In the United States most guitars that cost less than $200-$250 are very difficult to play. They’re made of cheap materials and not set up so that you can press the strings against the fretboard easily.  It is better to invest in a quality instrument right from the start. It will be easier for you to play, it’ll sound better, and you’ll get much more enjoyment out of your playing time on the guitar.

The second type of acoustic guitar is a nylon string guitar sometimes referred to as a classical or Spanish guitar.  The primary difference between a steel string and nylon string guitar is self-explanatory: it’s the type of strings. 

Classical guitars are often played using the fingers on your pick hand instead of a pick.  The neck of a classical guitar is usually wider than the neck of the steel string guitar.  However, the strings are easier to press down against the fretboard because they are made of nylon.  It does not require as much pressure from your friend in fingertips to push the strings down with nylon strings as it does with a steel string guitar.

So, once again it really comes down to play a preference when deciding whether to purchase a steel string guitar or a nylon string guitar. The primary type of music that you want to play is what will dictate what type of guitar you should get there. And of course, there is nothing wrong with purchasing both types of guitars so that you can play both types of music.

Remember, do not buy a cheap guitar. Over the long run, it will cost you more grief and give you much more difficulty playing the guitar. You are better off purchasing a guitar that is a little bit more expensive and well-made so that it will stay in tune, be easier to play and sound better.  It will make your guitar playing life much easier.

Learn to identify which types of guitars your favorite artists use. If you have difficulty hearing the difference between a steel string guitar and a nylon string guitar, watch videos of your favorite artists.  Look at the close-up video shots of the guitar and see if you could identify the difference in the guitars. Soon you will be over tell whether you are hearing a steel string guitar or a nylon string guitar just by listening to it.

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