Electric Guitar Lessons Salt Lake City

Are You Ready To FINALLY Play The Electric Guitar Like The Pro's Do?

If you have been struggling to learn how to play the electric guitar in the rock and metal styles you have come to the right place.

Let's face it, you're stuck in a rut, everyone around you tells you that you're a great player but deep down you don't really know what you're doing. I know. I've been there. And when you try to get help you're left even more confused and frustrated than when you started. Youtube videos that aren't fixing your core problems or misunderstandings, mis information online, everyone claiming they've got the magic cure. Maybe you've even worked with a local teacher but found they really don't know how to help you either... They ask, "uuhhh so what song do you want to play? Try to get you to read some lame method book, or the just throw random musical concepts at you to keep you entertained so you don't quit. 

You see, it's not your fault you're struggling

How can you honestly hope to become the great guitar player you feel called to become when the internet gurus are just trying to get views and subscribers (not provide you with real results) or the local teachers just wing it every week not taking any thought with how they are going to get you from where you are RIGHT NOW to where you want to be in a step by step way?

In fact, this was what let me to teaching the electric guitar in the first place... I simply thought that I could do it better. And I can. And I want to help you!

What I like most about taking guitar lessons at SLC Guitar is seeing improvement

After only taking guitar lessons here for a year and a half I went from not being able to play basic rhythms to being able to play "Always with me always with you" by Joe Satriani" for my school talent show. - Which I learned by ear! If you're thinking about taking lessons at SLC Guitar I would say definitely do it!

Kaden W.  

Here's what you can expect from taking
electric Guitar Lessons at SLC Guitar

  • Feedback from an expert on teaching rock and metal guitar
  • Massive amounts of structure and strategy so that we can FIND and FIX your holes and gaps, then BUILD you as a player
  • Training on how to actually USE your scales and solos so that you can make MUSIC not just go up and down scale patterns
  • Fretboard Mastery Training: Learn the notes, scales, and chords all over the fretboard (the right way) so you can improvise in ANY KEY off the cuff
  • Creativity Training: Whether its creating your OWN riffs, Improvising, or solo writing
  • No B.S. We won't waste your timing teaching you things that you don't need in the real world or thats not needed for what you want to do
  • Get down to the nitty gritty of how music works, & why it works then train you on how to use it for yourself
  •  How to SHRED - HELLO!!
  • Developing perfect rhythm to enhance your creativity and make sure you are playing tight
  •  All aspects of the technical side of electric guitar playing, sweep arpeggios, precision, 2 hand synchronization at high speeds, eliminating "white noise" when you play loud or with lots of distortion, perfect bending and vibrato so you don't sound (or look) like a nube. 
  • Yea we'll learns songs, how they work, why they work, and even rewrite solos for your favorite songs
  • How to practice EFFECTIVELY and avoid screwing around and calling it "practice"
I looked at a bunch of other teachers and they just told me, “I’ll teach you how to play this song or that song.” Preston was the first one to sit down and say, “Hey what do you want to play?" He definitely makes it very fun and easy to understand.

Drew C. 

Look, there is no badge of honor for struggling going it alone trying to play the guitar the way you want.  If you'll simply commit to mastering the electric guitar once and for all 

YOU WILL Get Results You Are After!

Electric Guitar Lessons Salt Lake City
I've been with Preston for almost a year now. I came to Preston to learn how to play my guitar better & faster. Not only did I get what I wanted, I learned how to practice more efficiently & had my mind opened to write more creatively which has been really beneficial to me now that I’m starting to write my own music. If I was asked to recommend the best guitar teacher in town Preston would be the man!

  Josh C.

Ok, This Sounds Awesome
How Do I Get Started?

Click the orange button below, and on the following page tell me a little bit about yourself such as your musical background, your goals and what you are struggling with and I will be in touch with you as soon as I can to arrange your free trial lesson or assessment of your abilities.