Electric Guitar Lessons Salt Lake City

Finally, Electric Guitar Lessons That Offer Results
Not Just Random Stuff To Practice

The problem with typical electric guitar lessons is its basically just learning guitar riffs, licks, maybe some scales and that's about it... You learn online and it's all a bunch of random stuff and you spend most your practice time rewinding videos, or searching for something else to practice... Books at least provide some structure but they're written for the masses and most are extremely BORING. Not to mention, both online guitar lessons and guitar books don’t offer any feedback making it difficult to know if you're even understanding/doing it right and on the path to YOUR goals. Average guitar teachers at least provide feedback but it's usually low quality and they're extremely unorganized in their approach. Their idea of “custom lessons” is just winging it on the spot every lesson and scribbling some scales or parts of songs on scratch paper before rushing you out the door...

So what do you do?

  •    Look for more guitar tabs/videos online?
  •    Buy more books?
  •    Waste your time (and money) with ineffective guitar teachers?


Get a trained guitar teacher who understands what it means to be an electric guitar player, what it means to be a musician, what it means to practice,  and most importantly who has been proven to help others just like you! Not someone who will  just show you were to put your fingers and wiggle them around...  You need someone that can teach you, train you and coach you every step of the way so that every time you pick up the guitar, you know you're making progress and enjoying the process of becoming the guitar player you want to be!

What I like most about taking guitar lessons at SLC Guitar is seeing improvement

After only taking guitar lessons here for a year and a half I went from not being able to play basic rhythms to being able to play "Always with me always with you" by Joe Satriani" for my school talent show.  If you're thinking about taking lessons at SLC Guitar I would say definitely do it!

Kaden W.  

Imagine what would happen if you were taking electric guitar lessons that were:

  • Built around your skill level
  • Customized around your goals and needs (both now and in the future)
  • Organized to build you as a guitar player to fill in the gaps with what you've missed and prevent any issues that will cause you to hit a plateau in the future
  • Filled with expert feedback to get to the root of your guitar playing problems AND provide easy solutions to fix them
  • Offered by a guitar teacher who is a specialist for electric guitar playing (not a classical or jazz guitar teacher who dabbles in rock, blues, and metal genres)
  • More than just learning parts of songs or solos, but would get down to the "nitty gritty" of how music works, so you can enjoy the guitar much more AND have the tools and know-how to create awesome music of your own!

Your guitar playing would


I looked at a bunch of other teachers and they just told me, “I’ll teach you how to play this song or that song.” Preston was the first one to sit down and say, “Hey what do you want to play?" He definitely makes it very fun and easy to understand.
  Drew C.

Look, there is no badge of honor for struggling on and on about how play the guitar the way you want.  If you'll  simply commit to mastering the electric guitar once and for all and work with me
YOU WILL get results you are after!

Electric Guitar Lessons Salt Lake City
I've been with Preston for almost a year now. I came to Preston to learn how to play my guitar better & faster. Not only did I get what I wanted, I learned how to practice more efficiently & had my mind opened to write more creatively which has been really beneficial to me now that I’m starting to write my own music. If I was asked to recommend the best guitar teacher in town Preston would be the man!

  Josh C.

What Will I Learn If I Enroll In Electric Guitar Lessons
at SLC Guitar?

Because each student's skill level, learning ability and interests vary there's no way I can say what EXACTLY we will work on together. However, here are a few things that we could work on:

Electric Guitar
  • Getting started with the electric guitar
  • Your favorite songs, riffs and guitar solos
  • How to practice for maximizing results.
  • Strategies for developing speed (shred included)
  • Scales and arpeggios (sweep arpeggios included)
  • Rhythm guitar
  • Lead guitar
  • Lead & rhythm guitar techniques (palm muting, hammer ons / pull offs, vibrato, harmonics, tapping, whammy bar, etc.)
  • Music theory & composition (voice leading, how chords & scales relate etc)
  • Playing by ear
  • Improvising
  • Soloing
  • Fretboard Mastery
  • Creativity
  • And MORE!

Ok, This Sounds Awesome
How Do I Get Started?

Click the orange button below, and on the following page tell me a little bit about yourself such as your musical background, your goals and what you are struggling with and I will be in touch with you as soon as I can to arrange your free trial lesson or assessment of your abilities.