What Kind Of Guitar Lessons Would Be Best For Me?

The type of guitar lessons that would be best for you depends on a few factors. First, what is your goal with learning the guitar? What type of music do you want to learn how to play? Are the lessons for you or for your child? Have you been playing for while or are you just starting out? If you aren’t sure what type of guitar lessons would be the best fit for you contact me and we can discuss this in your free trial guitar lesson.

Kids Guitar Lessons

If you are looking for super fun and effective guitar lessons for your child ages 5-11 you’ve come to the right place. Kids learn different than adults and teenagers so naturally they need to be taught different. To learn more about kids guitar lessons go to: kids guitar lessons salt lake city. 

Beginner Guitar Lessons

This is the best place to start if you are a total beginner or if you have been playing for while and still feel like one. You will begin your guitar playing journey by establishing a rock solid foundation that will last you a lifetime! To learn more click here: beginner guitar lessons slc

Acoustic Guitar Lessons

If you want to play your favorite songs around the campfire, strum around on your back porch, or accompany yourself while you sing, or otherwise get a solid education on how the acoustic guitar, acoustic guitar lessons will be just what you are looking for. To learn more go here: acoustic guitar lessons Salt Lake City

Electric Guitar Lessons

If you want play your favorite songs, riffs, jam with friends, rip some guitar solos, learn to shred, or improvise, electric guitar lessons at SLC Guitar will provide you with the highest quality education on the electric guitar than anywhere else in slc. To learn more click here: electric guitar lessons Salt Lake City

Please note, If you are an intermediate level guitarist and are looking for advanced level Jazz, Classical, or Flamenco guitar lessons I do not teach these style at the advanced level. I prefer to not be a "jack of all trades master of none" type guitar teacher so at the advanced levels I only offer guitar lessons in rock based styles such as: Rock, Blues, and Metal.