Looking For The Most Effective Guitar Lessons In Salt Lake City?

  •  Are you new to the guitar and want to get started on the right foot?
  •  Parents, are you looking for the most effective guitar lessons for your kids?
  •  Are you frustrated with your current level of guitar playing and want to get better?


“I saw an improvement while taking lessons with Preston within the first week. He gave me one little piece of advice and I practiced it all week and I have never played guitar faster in my life. That was when I thought to myself, “Preston really knows what he is talking about!” And I was hooked after that.”

Tyler G. – Shadowseer

What Makes Salt Lake City Guitar Lessons Different?

1. You Will Get RESULTS

  • You will get personalized guitar lessons that will be based on your current musical goals, and what is currently holding you back from achieving them.
  • You will reach your goals quicker because our Salt Lake City guitar lessons will work on your unique and specific needs.
  • You will progress much faster knowing what to practice, how to practice it, and how long to practice it each week with the detailed homework you will receive.
  • You will have exclusive access to my “private student area” reserved strictly for guitar students of Salt Lake City Guitar.  This powerful resource has a TON of extra bonus material and practice resources to help you get the most out of your guitar lessons with me. Students that use this resource progress 2-5x faster than those that don’t!
  • You will be taught how to effectively problem solve your own musical problems. Unfortunately, I can’t be with you 24/7 to help you overcome every obstacle and question that you might have the moment it comes. So rather than have you always have to depend on me I will teach you my thought process to overcome musical challenges so you can overcome your own guitar playing problems!

2. You Will Save TIME And MONEY

  • You will get instant professional feedback. The simple corrections with your technique or crucial explanations that tie everything together can LITERALLY save you years of frustration from the “trial and error” approach. As well as years of paying for mediocre lessons or buying book after book looking for a “secret” that will magically cure all your guitar playing problems.
  • You will get relevant content to where you’re currently at and what your goals are. You wont spend your precious time practicing material that isn’t going to get you were you want to be or spend your money on lessons or books that wont either.
  • You will get detailed homework each week that is written down so in case you forget what you learned you don’t have to pay for the same information again the next week.

3. You Will Get A Lot Of Support And Guidance

  • You will have someone to answer your specific questions for your specific problems at your level of understanding.
  • If you find yourself not progressing as quickly as you would like you will have someone that has “been there” to brain-storm with and help you pin point exactly what is holding you back. – Then an effective strategy will be organized to help you overcome the issue.
  • If you have a question in between lessons, you don’t have to wait until our next lesson. You may me contact me if you need a little extra guidance on your homework or a little boost of motivation.

4. You Will Get Motivated!

  • You will have a strong support system to keep you motivated to practice and become the guitar player you want to be whether you are taking private lessons with just me or group lessons with other fellow students.
  • You will be held accountable for your practicing and your progress. I will be your personal guitar trainer to keep you on task, keep you focused, and keep your guitar playing dream in sight.
  • Because you will be working on material that is relevant to your goals and skill level, you will be extremely motivated to practice. You will know that every time you practice the guitar you are getting just one step closer to becoming the guitar player you dreamed of becoming when you began.

“My guitar playing and musical knowledge has improved substantially from playing with Preston. I would say I knew almost nothing before I started lessons and now I can play chords, notes, I am getting better at tablature, chart reading, and I think I am getting a little faster transitioning between different chords. So far my experience has been really great, I would definitely recommend taking guitar lessons from Preston”

Julia W.

When You Take Guitar Lessons At Salt Lake City Guitar

Here Is What You Can Expect:


  • You will become a much better guitar player many times faster than studying on your own or with an ineffective teacher.
  • You will receive the most effective, the most customized, and the most thought out guitar lessons in Salt Lake City.
  • You will develop a rock solid foundation for your guitar playing and musical knowledge.
  • You will get instant professional feedback on your guitar playing to avoid bad habits and misconceptions about how and what to practice.
  • You will have a 100% dedicated guitar teacher that is committed to your success!
  • You will learn how to play your favorite songs and even write your own!
  • You will learn what YOU need to learn RIGHT NOW for YOUR goals.
  • You will avoid all the confusion, frustration, and doubt that many other guitar player’s experience.
  • You will learn how to practice effectively and be able to get more out of 20 minutes of practice than most guitar players get out of hours!



“My guitar playing has improved quite a bit over the past couple months. Preston’s a really fun guy to work with.”
Justin C.


Ok Preston,  I’m Ready To Learn How To Play The Guitar How I Want.

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