How The Best Guitar Teachers Get The Best Results For You

How The Best Guitar Teachers Help Students More Effectively

Although there may be several guitar teachers available to teach you lessons, they're not all equally as effective. In fact, there are generally more ineffective guitar teachers than there are truly great ones. This makes it extra important that you understand the difference between the two.

Here are just a few things that great guitar teachers do (that mediocre ones do not):

Creating A Custom Learning Strategy

Great guitar teachers do not teach their students in generic one-size-fits-all kind of way. This means no teaching from general guitar books, no teaching through songs, no forcing you to learn how to sight read when it has nothing to do with your goals.

Instead, the best guitar teachers quickly evaluate your musical goals before you begin lessons together. From those goals, they create a specific plan to help you reach those goals so you can build an effective guitar practice schedule. This way you learn what YOU need to learn to reach your specific goals as fast as possible.

Teaching In Group Formats

Many mediocre guitar teachers believe in the myth that students only get better through one on one lessons. Wrong! Learning in groups is massively beneficial for students in ways that learning privately isn’t. Great teachers know this. They help their students by teaching them in groups formats so they can overcome nervousness while playing in front of others, learn how to play music with other musicians, and take advantage of friendly competition for the sake of faster improvement.

Showing How Skills Can Be Applied Together

Mediocre guitar teachers show you things during lessons, but don’t really show you how to use those things together with what you already know. This is a huge teaching mistake! Learning how to apply different skills together in various contexts is one of the best ways to make fast progress and become a better overall musician. All great guitar teachers understand this and make it a priority for their students. For example, this is how you learn to use technical skills with phrasing to play guitar solos, music theory with fretboard visualization to get better at improvising creatively, and countless other skills

Taking A Personal Interest In Students’ Improvement

Whenever you work together with an experienced guitar teacher who gets big results for students, you work with someone who really cares about his students. The best guitar teachers don’t just teach guitar, they teach people. They understand that learning is more than just inputting right/wrong into a computer and spitting out results. They treat their students like real people who have frustrations, goals and unique learning styles. They invest deeply into their students’ musical lives and feel great fulfillment when they see them succeed.

Showing You How To Practice

Great guitar teachers make it a point to show their students how to practice what they learn during lesson time. They understand that a student makes the most progress between lessons. When you work with a teacher like this, they show you how to practice, observe you practice and correct any mistakes you are making BEFORE the lesson is done. Doing this guarantees that you practice correctly at home.

Once you find a great guitar teacher who teaches as described above, get excited. You are about to make the most progress on guitar that you’ve ever made in a very short amount of time!

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