Kids Guitar Lessons Salt Lake City

Building Confidence And Creativity Through Music

  • Is this your first experience with guitar and you're not sure what to look for in a quality guitar school or instructor?
  • Do you feel like your child's current teachers is disorganized or not dependable? 
  • Are you look for a FUN learning environment that is also serious about providing a quality musical education?

If you answered Yes to any of the questions above you’ve come to the right place!


When you enroll your child into kids guitar lessons at SLC Guitar we'll have so much fun learning and getting better at playing the guitar it will become the highlight of their week!

Kids Guitar Lessons Utah


Besides just learning songs, at SLC Guitar your child will get a rock solid musical education real musical skills such as rhythm, learning by ear, and even creativity. 

Check out Milica's progress after ONLY 1.5yrs!

Enrolling my daughter to SLC Guitar was the
 best decision we ever made

We have been looking for quite some time and trying different classes & browsing, until we met Preston. She had classes in the past with other teachers and schools we didn't see any progress... Since our first meeting we were amazed how he had a different approach and was engaging and dedicated to teaching. My daughter was so excited that she couldn't wait to start her first lesson.

What makes Preston different from other teachers is that he makes it fun for kids and is such a great instructor with lots of approaches and ideas. She has been taking lessons for 3 months and we are amazed of what she has learned and how her life is so affected with everything she has learned so far. She found herself in guitar and watching her every time she comes home from class with so much excitement motivation to do more makes us so happy. I can't wait to see what will be in the next 3 months.

Mirjana  //  Parent

Check out Henry's progress while learning the electric guitar. First clip is after only 4mo of guitar lessons with NO musical background.

Which Guitar Method Would You Prefer?

Having had 11 guitar teachers myself and having many parents bring their kids to my school I have seen all the "ins and outs" of how guitar is traditionally taught 

Method 1
The long slow boring way

The teacher works the student through a very structured method book. On the outside this looks great. Everyone loves structure. But here's the truth... It's freaking BORING. Slow progress constant battling to get them practice...

Method 2
The "fun" but superficial way

The teacher just teaches songs. That's it. Although it is fun in the beginning as your kid will learn recognizable tunes years go by and no progress past being a beginner is ever made. They then wonder if its because they didn't have any "natural talent" but that wasn't the case. They just learned to move their finger around copying songs. 

Ummm neither? Both sound like they aren't the best option.... 

At SLC Guitar We Do Things DIFFERENT

Totally Different

Here's a few things that make taking guitar lessons at SLC Guitar unlike any other musical learning experience

Organized & Structured Learning
No don't "wing it" & give random lessons each week

We won't bore your kid to death reading a lame book..

Adaptive Learning 
Match your kids skills, interests and learning style

Rock Solid Foundation Across The
5 Keys Of Guitar Greatness

Learn Popular / Favorite Songs

Results and Progress

Real Musician Training
Rhythm, reading music, how to learn by ear etc

Elite Level Guitar Training
We'll put the pieces in NOW for elite level playing

How The Brain Learns Training
Learn how to memorize and retain information FAST

Perfect Practice Training
Learn & train on how the process of practicing & mastery

Online Student Area
To help & guide them even if they aren't at the school

Guidance on how to help your kid succeed
(Even if you don't know anything about guitar)

Creativity Training

High Standard Of Excellence

Andrew's Timeline

Andrew began taking lessons in 2016 at five years old. He works VERY hard and we put together a little time line of his progress demonstrating a few things he has learned. 

What Can You Expect When You Enroll Your Child Into
Kids Guitar Lessons At
SLC Guitar?

  • Full time expert guitar teacher.  Most guitar teachers do it part time, are not very dependable, are totally disorganized, and frankly lack experience.  
  • Rigorously tested and proven curriculum. I've built my own custom method that incorporates ALL areas of true guitar mastery mixed with the psychology of how learning works.   
  • You can expect to see results in the first month (sometimes the first day)! 
  • Not only will your kid be able to play but will also know how music works and will also get training on how to create with music!

Convenient    Safe    Professional

As a parent you're already super busy and making countless sacrifices every day to educate and raise your child the best way that you can. Right?

Here's a few advantages you'll get when you enroll your kid into guitar lessons at SLC Guitar

  • SLC Guitar is centrally located in Murray just minutes from freeway access 
  • Tons of local shops around to get your hair done, nails, massage, get your shopping done at Walmart or Smiths (2min away) or get some work done using our wifi in our comfortable waiting area. SUPER convenient and time - saving
  • Various programs with flexible scheduling options to accommodate busy schedules 

This sounds awesome!
How do we find out more?

To take the next stepclick the orange button below and on the following page tell me a little bit about your child, such as their musical interests or goals (if they have any) and I will be in touch with you soon to set up your free consultation.