How To transform your Guitar Playing
In the comfort of your own home

(Without Having To Pay For Private ZOOM Lessons!)

SLC Guitar is now taking the expert knowledge and experience gained from over 5000hrs of face to face training with students


Now you can have an expert guitar coach who's method has been tested and proven to get outstanding results with real people
just like you
but in the comfort of your own home!

Structured Courses

Instead of the randomness of youtube or the disorganization of mediocre teachers, your skills & knowledge will be built in a structured and cohesive way brick by brick. 

Detailed Assignments

Ever taken a lesson or watched a video and then asked yourself "ok sooo what am I supposed to do?" All your lessons & trainings will have detailed assignments so you know EXACTLY what to do and how to "win the game of guitar."

Unlockable Content

Learning online is great with all the information but that's also the problem... With 10,000 roads which do you take? Here you'll be able to unlock content so you don't get frustrated learning material you aren't ready for. No different than avoiding trying to learn calculus in kindergarden. 

Gamified Learning

We've taken expert knowledge of the guitar and made it fun and easy to excel for kids and adults in a gamified way. Get points for achieving and learning!

Detailed Reports

Wouldn't it be cool if you could see where your strengths and weakness lie?

Check your reports and see where you are excelling, where you are lacking and then you can focus on what you need to be solid well rounded player. 


Want to see who the top dawg is? Where you rank? Want to dethrone the current leader  and take your place as the undisputed guitar king/queen? Now you can!

Online Forum

Have questions you need answered or want feedback on your playing? Instead of getting "help" from the online arm chair experts who've never taught anyone or don't to have any sort of track record of success with their students at SLC Guitar you can get help/feedback from a real guitar coach who can play and most importantly has a solid track record of helping others to play guitar well. Not to mention a chance to connect with and learn from other like minded guitar players in our guitar community. 

Each course is designed around our ground breaking and innovative approach called the C4 Guitar Method.  Where we build your musical CAPABILITIES (skills) COMPETENCE (knowledge) & CREATIVITY  all at the same time which will give you the guitar playing CONFIDENCE you are after!

  • Expert guitar teachers that know how to train you even if you're not in person
  • Highly organized and leveled curriculum so that learning is not scattered and you're not set up to fail
  • Programs that's been created, tested, revised, and proven to work in real life with real people
  • Access to our private Online Student Area with 1000's of practice tracks you can use at home
  • Online FORUM to ask questions and get feedback
  • Gamified Experience to get points for achievement
  • And so much more!

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