Canceling Your Guitar Lessons

To Avoid Any Future Charges
Read EVERY word on this page 

It's hard enough to learn the guitar, let alone to try and do it by yourself or rely on inexperienced / inferior methods.  Below are a few things you will no longer have to help you in your journey towards guitar greatness


  • Guidance & training from the only member of the Elite Guitar Teachers Inner ™  in Utah.  (A world wide organization of the most experienced and sought after guitar teachers ) 
  • Expert feedback to help you get to the ROOT of what you need RIGHT NOW with for your ultimate guitar goals. 
  • Someone to answer your questions at your level of understanding while not taking you off the path for your goals. 
  • Times
    An expert guide to prevent you from practicing the wrong materials for you goals, or the practice the right materials but at the wrong time or in the wrong way. 
  • Times
    A coach to hold you accountable for succeeding 
  • Times
    A massive online student area that has proven to skyrocket students  progress and abilities  - EVEN when they are not at the school
  • Times
    A teacher who truly understands how to train you vs someone who will just give you "stuff" to do
  • Times
    A teacher who really does care about your overall well being and success
  • Times
    A totally awesome guitar community filled with like minded, positive, and driven people who are aspiring to play the guitar just like 

Look, I realize you may have a lot going on and have your reasons but I really can help you if you are willing to give it another shot. If you decide you aren't willing to give up these benefits let me know, send me an email at [email protected] and we can reassess and brainstorm a bit more to come up with something that will work for you. The last thing we want is for you to lose all your skills you've worked so hard for which happens at a rate of 50% reduction each month on average. 

If not, that's ok! No hard feelings. Maybe in the future we can work together again? All you need to do is submit the form below.  

BUT BE SURE to follow the instructions EXACTLY


Once you submit the form you will automatically be taken to a GREEN CONFIRMATION PAGE and will be sent an email receipt for your records. VERIFY YOU HAVE THE RECEIPT

If you are not taken to the green confirmation page the form did not go through and you will need to submit the form again. Your emailed receipt is proof that you submitted the withdrawal form should an issue arise.   NO exceptions / no refunds if you do not have the receipt. 

DO NOT click off the page while the form is sending.