Canceling Your Guitar Lessons

Before you go, lets review a few benefits you will no longer
have once withdraw from your lessons.


Personalized Instruction

You will NO LONGER have someone that:

  • Creates a custom plan for where you are at, what you need, and what you would like to do with your guitar playing.
  • Can give instant expert feedback and make instant corrections to your playing, understanding of theory, and/or practice habits which will cause you to avoid slow progress, confusion, and frustration.
  • Can take an in-depth look at what and how you practice to find the root causes for what's holding you back
  • Can guide your learning experience knowing when you need more knowledge, when you need more training, and when you need more motivation.
  • Can guide you past all the pitfalls and bad habits that will stunt progress and lead to discouragement
  • Can answer your questions at your level of understanding.


By discontinuing your lessons you won’t have someone to hold you accountable for practicing and progressing or to build you up when you get down. Often times this is the determining factor with those that succeed and those that don't.

What are you going to do to continue to progress?

Learn online? (with no feedback, structure, or personalized guidance)
Learn from friends? (who are not professionals and have no idea how to get you to where you want to be)

- How will you know if you are on the right path?
- How will you know what the next steps are?
- Who will guide you on practicing the right material, the right way, in the right order?

Take lessons elsewhere?
- Is the instructor a full time teacher who's 100% committed to you? Or do they just teach for a hobby / party time gig?
- Have they been PROVEN to get their clients results? Or have they taught for years and haven't helped anyone become great players?
- Do they have training on how to teach the guitar? Ask them where they learned how to teach. Not where they learned to play, but where they learned how to teach.

95% of students who discontinue their lessons also stop playing guitar completely. Those that don’t suffer a massive decrease in their musical progress. Sometimes students think that they can learn better on their own or by taking a break it will allow them a chance to catch up or "sort things out with life."

But here’s the reality:

    • How could someone effectively & efficiently teach them selves something they don't know? If the top professionals in every field have advisors, coaches, teachers, and mentors, how much more important does a beginner or non-professional need guidance?
    • Life will ALWAYS happen. It's so sad when people put off their goals and dreams their entire life because "life" got in the way even more so when they finally start to make it happen then they quit because something else came up...

The secret to success in music (or anything) has nothing to do with those that are “gifted” or those that have more time on their hands like many may think. Everyone starts at zero and everyone has 24hrs in the day. The secret to those that succeed is they don’t give up! Sometimes when we feel we don’t have the time or that it isn’t for me is the time to dig deeper, push harder, and persevere. No one ever reached any worthwhile goal or achieved anything noteworthy by giving up. During the hard times its much better to make little progress than quit, give up, and then lose all the progress you've made don't you think?

If you decide that you aren’t willing to give up these benefits and still have a desire to become the guitar player you first set out to become let me know  whats going on (if you haven't already) and we can make the necessary changes in your lesson program, day/time, or direction of content you are getting.

If not and you still decide to quit your lessons, I wish you the best. I value the time we spent together and hope that I helped you in your guitar playing and that you're not only better but also had some fun in here! I love to hear feedback from students and their parents so please know that I am always open to questions, concerns, suggestions, or ways to improve what I do. Thanks again for taking guitar lessons with me.

If this form is not submitted by the 15th of the month prior to the month you wish to cancel for, the following months lessons will still be due/charged and no refunds will be offered. You may also want to send a follow up email to confirm the withdrawal form was received.

To submit form fill out form below

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Take care!

Sometimes when students leave they feel embarrassed and are ashamed to come back to their lessons. The door is ALWAYS open and I hope we can work together again in the future!

After you click to submit the form you will automatically be taken to a GREEN confirmation page and sent an automatic email for your records. If you are not taken to the next page and/or emailed a confirmation the withdrawal form was not submitted.
Check to see if  you missed any questions which will be highlighted in red then submit the form again.